Traditional festivals (ferias) take place in towns big and small across southern Spain during the springtime. Locals dress up, dance, sing, eat, and have A LOT of fun. There are the bigger ferias (those of Sevilla, Jerez...) and there are the smaller ferias (those of Sanlúcar, El Puerto...). These exclusive springtime ferias are unique to Andalucía, and each one has its very own encanto (charm). One of the great things about the feria is that there you get to see both professionals and everyday people dancing flamenco; some may not dance very well technically, but they dance from the heart.

Below you'll see a video of Samara and Rocío Carrrasco at this year's Feria del Caballo in Jerez along with pictures from a variety of ferias in Andalucía.


Yo estoy loca por saber
Si el clavel te hace a ti bonita
O tú bonita el clavel

I'm dying to know
If you look beautiful because of your carnation
Or if the carnation looks beautiful because of you

You can hear watch Chocolate singing it here por soleá in 1970. 

Watch in the video below as Samara Carrasco sings this letra for her sister Rocío to dance to. (The video is set to start at 13 minutes 45 seconds where the singing and dancing begin.)

If you liked that one, you might also enjoy this video of Samara singing and dancing when she was twelve years old and this one of Rocío dancing when she was really little at a zambomba. And here's one of two sisters dancing together a few years back.

Here are some pictures from the Feria de Sanlúcar (We went took a day trip there one year during the Flamenco Tour to Jerez), the Feria del Caballo, the Feria de Sevilla in 2009, and a few of Frances the Kitty Cat once again protesting my work and making it difficult to get things done.