Right now the zambombas are going on in Jerez. Zambomba is the name of an instrument, this instrument, but also the name of a party, a Christmas party.  The zambombas happen in Jerez throughout the month of December, as Christmas Eve approaches.

I really like saying that word.


Zambomba, zambomba, zambomba.  Say it, it's fun.

I've been hearing about them for awhile.  When you're in Jerez there are a few things that everyone seems to ask you.  At least they always ask me these things.  Have you been to the fería?  Have you seen Semana Santa?  And...Have you gone to the zambombas?

Yes, yes, and no.

No, I have never been to a zambomba.

But someday I will go.

Watch this video.  It is sure to make you say olé varias veces.  Even though it becomes semi-uncomfortable to watch as halfway through the movie turns on its side.  Still, it's completely worth it.

We went to this peña, Peña Terremoto to see David and Alfredo Lagos during the Spain Tour.  I'm planning 2013 as we speak.

So, the week before I left Jerez the zambomba planning was getting kind of serious.

More and more people were talking about them.  In bulerías class people were stopping by to practice singing villancicos.  Luis and Maribel were preparing the place for their annual zambomba.  And now, the zambombas are happening.

I haven't told you much about them, mostly because, like I said, I've never been to one, but here is once place that you can visit to learn more.

Or maybe YOU can tell us something

Have you ever been to a zambomba?  What was it like?  And what do you think about that video?  Let me know in the comments.

Oh, and let's allow the video to bring us back to the bulerías series, which we took a little break from with Ricardo being here and all.