An Intimate Evening with Jesús Carmona

Jesus Carmona 7.JPG

 Saturday, April 21st  
Soma Space
4050 NE Broadway
Portland 97232
Details TBA


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(When I dance I feel) as if everything has stopped, the emptiness of the space. When I get up to perform nothing bothers me, nothing hurts, even if I have a small injury. Dancing takes away pains, colds and even snot. It’s something magical.
— Jesús Carmona

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Performances Enjoy a flamenco 'cuadro' performance including dancing, singing, guitar (and percussion if you'd like) and/or background guitar music to create a Spanish ambiance while your guests mingle. We are happy to work with you to cater to the specific needs of your event.

Performance Workshops Want to watch and do flamenco? Performance workshops include a lively performance/demo followed by a workshop where guests have an opportunity to learn basic flamenco dance moves and palmas (rhythmic hand clapping). Then, you and your guests may dance and play palmas with the group. This format allows you and your guests of all ages to truly experience flamenco and is guaranteed to add lots of laughter and fun to your event.

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