These are targeted sessions catered just to YOU! We use them to focus on your individual needs, wants, and abilities. Private sessions are beneficial to students interested in:

  • rapid-growth
  • deeper level instruction
  • in-depth feedback
  • advanced level focus
  • study of specific style not offered in group classes
  • working in a one-on-one setting

So, students may use private sessions to:

  • gain a deeper understanding/greater clarity of the material from a group class,
  • look more carefully at technical details
  • address problematic habits that require additional attention
  • learn/perfect their own choreography
  • You tell me...


Private Sessions

  • Discounted pricing for students enrolled in group classes  - $65/hr OR $240 - 4 consecutive class prepaid
  • Regular pricing - $70/hr OR $250 - 4 consecutive class prepaid

Semi-Private Sessions

  • Discounted for regular group students- $80/hr - 2 people,  $90/hr - 3 people,  $100/hr - 4 people, $110/hr - 5+ people
  • Regular pricing for others - $95/hr - 2 people,  $105/hr - 3 people,  $115/hr - 4 people , $120/hr - 5+ people

*Above pricing for classes held in SE Portland or Lake Oswego. If you prefer for me to come to you I can sometimes accommodate this for an additional fee.

Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel a scheduled session, please provide at least 24 hours notice.  Students who miss a scheduled session or provide less than 24 hours notice to cancel will be responsible for paying the full price.

Please click here to read the cancellation policy.