Since we're continuing with the bulerías series:


Esta noche me mudo
me llevo un chisme
la caldera me llevo
aunque me tizne

Tonight I'm moving 
I'm taking something
I'm taking the cauldron
even though I'll get dirty

EDIT: You can watch Zorri dance to it here.

Below, David Lagos sings this letra in the video below, at 4 minutes 20 seconds.  (We hear this one a lot...)

About the above video.

There are all kinds of people we love in it...

David Lagos is singing with his brother Alfredo is playing guitar.

Perico is playing cajón.

And my boyfriend's pretend boyfriend's brother, Carlos Grilo, is playing palmas.  Sorry, I don't know who that other guy is.

Then, at the end, David's wife, Melchora Ortega, the singer, comes out to do a pataíta, just like she did at the peña.  Watching her curls fly around live is pretty fabulous.


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*EDIT: I wrote this letra out today (7/21/15) and added it after I published this post.