Here is a siguiriyas letra and a couple of videos for you:


Dolores mía
en un laito de mi corazón
te tengo metido

My Dolores
in a small corner of my heart
I hold you closely

Now, let's go back in time to 1970 to watch Terremoto sing this letra. (You'll also hear Chocolate singing this one at 45 seconds in.) 

Georgia was the first person to teach me about siguiriyas. It was the third dance I studied with her. Although it was (insanely) challenging, I loved the feel and the rhythm of it.

Below you can see Mercedes Ruíz dancing por siguiriyas (her favorite thing to dance) with castanets at the 2012 Fiesta de la Bulería in Jerez. 

A Flamenco Vacation in Spain

Join me on the Flamenco Tour to Jerez for a private flamenco dance workshop with Mercedes herself!

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Thank you, Kethrin, for your translation input. ;)