~ a view of Jerez from our rooftop in San Miguel ~

This morning in class

we were talking about tonight's show at the Villamarta, the Homenaje a la Chaty.  I can't wait to see it.

Mercedes will be performing, along with Santi and Perico and all kinds of other great artists.  Pastora Galván, Arcángel, Jesús Méndez...  Even my boyfriend will be there.

So anyway, somebody asked her what she would be dancing in the show.  They were hoping it would  be alegrías since that's what we're learning from her in the workshop.

"A ver si Laura puede adivinar lo que yo voy a bailar…"

"Let's see if Laura can guess what I'm going to dance."


It's her favorite, I know that.

"Síiiii," Mercedes replied.

Paco sang one last night for us, and Mercedes was so into it I thought she might get up and start dancing.  But she didn't.

And so, a letra por siguiriyas today.


Si algún día yo a tí te llamara
y tú no vinieras
la muerte amarga compañerita de mi alma
yo la apeteciera

If one day I called to you
and you didn't come
a bitter death, my love*
is what I would want

*I know compañera de alma is soul mate, but it just didn't sound right to me in the context of the letra translated that way.



I wasn't sure how to make this translation sound good.  Let me know what you think.  You can comment here.