Ricardo asked me how things were going here in Jerez.

I told him everything was great

Everyone was happy. We were hearing tons of flamenco. Doing tons of flamenco. Learning a lot. The weather was nice...

"Todo bien," I told him, except that I felt like my body looked weird when I danced.

"Andaaaaa. Tu cabeza si que es rara."

"Come on! Your head is what is messed up," he told me.


"Déjate de pensar y baila."

"Stop thinking, and dance"

That's what he told me.

So the next day in bulerias class I did just that.

I listened to the cante and the guitarra. I listened to the jaleos and the palmas.

And I danced

Simplemente bailaba.

And it felt so good.

Then Ani told me something.

She told me I was dancing better than I ever had before.

She said today she really saw me dancing from inside.

From adentro

Thank you, Ricardo for once again getting me back on track.


Tell me you can relate. Do you get distracted obsessing about this and that and forget to just dance?  Forget to just be? How do you get into it? Let me know! You can leave a comment below.