Last night

we were doing palmas with Pedro.

It's something we do when we come to Jerez.

Naturally people had many questions

and requests.

Someone asked to do some palmas por alegrías

... since we'd been dancing alegrías with Mercedes.

Pedro talked about las alegrías de Córdoba. He mentioned the letra about the platero.

Then tonight something really wonderful happened

We went to la Peña la Buleria to hear El Nino de la Fragua.

He sang por tangos,

por fandangos,

por siguiriyas.

Oh!  My!

He sang por alegrias, and the first letra was the one about the platero.

So, aqui tienes,

Alegrías de Córdoba

Pregúntale al platero
que cuánto vale
el ponerte en los zarcillos
mis iniciales 

Ask the silversmith 
how much would it cost
to carve my initials
in your earrings 

This is all very appropriate as I'm headed to Córdoba on Sunday. Yay!



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