Madroños, or as we like to call them, dingleballs ~

Those are some madroños from the Mercat Central here in Valencia.

I remember going there in 1998, the first time I came to Spain.  It was February, and there were no madroños.

Anyway, the fruit lady told us to eat them as-is.  No washing.  No doing anything to them.

We followed her instructions.



La que quiera madroños vaya a la sierra
olé Morena vaya a la sierra
porque se están secando sus madroñeras
olé morena sus madroñeras

She who wants madrones should go to the mountains
Ole, Dark one go to the mountains
because they are drying their fruit 
Ole, Dark one their fruit 

EDIT: You can listen to the letra here at 1:50.

This letra feels kind of complicated

Because what does it refer to? I think it refers both to the dingle balls, the tassels, and the fruit.

Madroños are the fruits from the strawberry tree as well as decorative tassel balls used for flamenco clothes. Madroñeras can be the balls or a special hair piece incorporating them.

I'm not sure.



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