The letra above mentions a silversmith.

I like imagining silver at this time of year...

Those alegrías are from Córdoba. (the translation is here.)

We spent just two days there on the last trip.

Two days to see the city and one night to see Estrella Morente perform.  I'll tell you about that on Friday.

It was my second visit to Córdoba

The first visit was in 1998, the first time I went to Spain.

I went there after my sister left.

I went there by myself.

It was the last place I traveled to before settling in Sevilla to study flamenco.

It was where I met Cynthia from Argentina.  Cynthia who looked exotic.  She had dark skin, long reddish black hair and green-grey eyes.

We were both traveling alone.  And we were put in the same room at the hostal.  We spent a couple of days in Córdoba and then decided to go to Sevilla together.

I wore a lavender scarf in my hair, and Cynthia said I looked like a flamenco dancer.  I wasn't sure why, but that made me feel good.

Cynthia stayed in Sevilla for a few days and moved on.

I stayed for almost a year ...

I realize I've still barely told you anything about that first trip to Spain.  About when I began studying flamenco.

I want to tell you about it.  It's just been hard for me to write about.  For various reasons.  But I've decided it's time.  So, stories from the early days are coming soon.



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