You may recall last year when three little girls did fandangos.

A couple of weeks ago when I went to visit those girls Margot and Ada almost immediately started asking when we would get to do flamenco.  My spring visit there was so short that we didn't do any.  None at all.  Apparently they weren't going to let that happen again.  

Margot said she wanted to learn a new song and dance this time.  And she said she wanted it to be short since we were without a lot of time.

We did tangos.

And while I'm not really into vengeance, this letra was on my mind.  And it met Margot's requirement of being short.

It can be tangos...fandangos...lots of things as I've heard the same letra used in different palos.


Te tengo que ver llorar
descalcita por las calles
por lo que tú me has hecho pasar

I have to see you cry
barefoot in the streets
for what you've done to me

See Jesús Méndez singing it here at 4:30:


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