What I don't want right now

For Katie to leave today.

But she has already gone...Last Sunday when everybody else left, I felt like a mother whose babies were leaving.  Even though I don't really know how that feels.  

What else don't I want right now?

For myself to leave.

But I will, in just a few days.  And, actually, it will be okay because Ricardo will be in Portland when I get back!

What I do want right now?

To still be here and to enjoy myself.

To remember certain moments and then take them with me...

There are many moments.

Flamenco moments.

Funny moments.

Friend moments.

Food moments.

But let's talk about the show last Saturday.  Because it's Friday, and I need to get to the letra. And the show was full of moments.

Like Miguel Poveda and Jesús Mendez singing together on a stage full of talented musicians. One of whom, Perico Navarro, will possibly be coming to Portland soon...

Anyway, here's that moment, in case you'd like to watch.

And the letra, today's letra.

La Luz de tus Ojos Grises
Antonio Gallardo

Cuando sentí el frío de tus ojos grises
los mios ya fueron dos barcos sin faro
que adentro del alma me echaron raíces

volviéndome loco tus ojitos claros

Es un infierno mi vida 
el que tú a mi no me quieres
por tu salud no me pida 
que me vaya de tu vera.

Tormentas son de mi vida 
tus ojos color de acero 
sin ellos me moriría 
y si me miran me muero. 
Mi corazón te maldice 
y luego se echa a llorar, 
y en sus lamentos me dice 
que yo no puedo olvidar
la luz de tus ojos grises.

You must see Miguel singing it here too.  And La Paquera here.

The Light of Your Grey Eyes
Antonio Gallardo

When I felt the cold of your grey eyes
mine were then two boats with no lighthouse
inside my soul they lay roots 
your light eyes driving me crazy

It's a hell my life  
now that you no longer love me 
for your wellbeing don't ask me
that I leave your side.

Storms are part of my life  
your eyes the color of steel 
without them I would die
and if they look at me I die. 
My heart curses you 
and then begins to cry, 
and in its laments it tells me
that I can't forget 
the light of your grey eyes.

Translating is hard.  Though being here in Spain does make it easier.  But it is now it is 2:40am, which brings back the hard.  There also seems to be another verse that I couldn't quite understand nor could I find it written... So, as usual, your suggestions are welcome.  As are all of your comments.  Please leave your thoughts below.

And, like I mentioned above, the shock of coming home will not be so great as Ricardo López is coming, yay!  The workshops begin November 16.