I'm still in a bulerías mood as I prepare to head to Jerez for the Flamenco Tour in a couple of weeks. 

And so, today I have a video clip to share with you of a little girl from Jerez named Triana dancing bulerías (her signature dance of course) for Rafael Amargo. She starts off by singing the following letra then dances while her dad sings and plays guitar for her. You're going to love it.

From Veo Amanecer

Imposible me parece de creer,
que me enamoré de ti cuando solo te vi una vez,
y ahora te recuerdo y te recordaré,
como aquel bello gitano que me hizo enloquecer. 

It seems impossible for me to believe
that I fell in love with you after having seen you only once,
and now I remember you, and I will remember you
as the beautiful gypsy who drove me crazy.

Now for that video,

Triana starts singing about 2 minutes and 45 seconds in, but I recommend watching the whole thing, especially the beginning to see Rafael Amargo's reaction to seeing her dance for the first time. Oh, and definitely watch to the end where she and Rafael improvise together. 

You can hear Lya sing the whole song here.

(Triana is all over YouTube, so if you want to see more just look her up there. I love this video and this one too.)

It may seem strange to hear a seven year old girl singing about love in this way. I couldn't believe how much passion was coming from a little kid the first time I heard Potito singing this alegrías. How could a child be singing these words with such feeling? But I discovered it wasn't uncommon in flamenco tradition for children to sing with such passion even about adult themes. It's the way it's done! And if that's what you're seeing all around you, that's what you do.

Want to Study Flamenco in Jerez, Spain where this little girl is from?

In the video Rafael mentions how obvious it is that she's from Jerez considering her dancing, singing, and rhythm. Join me in the birthplace of bulerías on a flamenco vacation. Find out more here.

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