Here's a coletilla along with a video you'll love of Pastora Galván.

Bulerías (soleá por bulerías)

Ay que te quiero
pero de lachi no te lo peno

Oh I love you,
but I'm too embarrassed to tell you

You can read one of the letras from the video here and you can see her dance another version of this piece here

They don't actually sing this coletilla in the video above, though Cristian Guerrero sings another one with the same beginning line. So stay tuned for tomorrow's post to hear Manuel Soto sing it as a soleá por bulerías and for a new letra.


It took a bit of research, but I eventually came across this post which helped me to understand the meaning of the second line which has two words in caló. This and this are good caló references as well.

Flamenco Tour

I'm getting VERY EXCITED about the upcoming Flamenco Tour to Jerez where we'll be dancing lots of bulerías. Find out how you can join me for a flamenco dance vacation to Spain here.

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