Below enjoy a video of Saray García (Zorri's granddaughter) dancing bulerías at Peña de la Buena Gente in Jerez.


Si yo tuviera dinero
yo me compraría un melonar
que echara melones dulces
y sandías colorás

If I had money
I would buy a melon patch
that would produce sweet melons
and red watermelons

This is the final letra he sings which begins at 1:30. Unfortunately the video cuts off right in the middle of it.

Speaking of Bulerías ...

We're studying bulerías (and alegrías) with Jesús Carmona right now during the Jesús Carmona Flamenco Workshops. I'm IN LOVE with his choreography and his teaching. Jesús arrived yesterday from Madrid after a long day of travel. And today we decided, he's going to put on a show this Saturday (yes tomorrow) at SomaSpace in Northeast Portland. Details TBA. Stay tuned!

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