Ensayo De Una Vida


An exclusive and intimate live performance unlike anything you’ve experienced before ...

Saturday, April 21st
8:00pm (doors 7:30)
Soma Space
4050 NE Broadway
Portland 97232
$45 cash ~ $50 card/check
*Very limited seating

Join Jesús Carmona as he takes us on a voyage through his life. Jesus performs this work with the hope that each person will interpret what they see in their own way and make connections with their own life. Jesus wishes to demonstrate that while we are all different there are many things that connect us to one another. His objective is for you, the spectator, to personally identify with what you see.

Ensayo de Una Vida is a brand new show which Jesús is creating right here in Portland. He plans on further developing this work to later present in other intimate spaces in other cities.

(When I dance I feel) as if everything has stopped, the emptiness of the space. When I get up to perform nothing bothers me, nothing hurts, even if I have a small injury. Dancing takes away pains, colds and even snot. It’s something magical.
— Jesús Carmona