It's LOVE month ... 

Here's a letra to start February off right along with a video of Saray García dancing at Casa Patas.

Soleá por Bulerías

La gente a mí me lo murmura
contra más me lo murmuren
te quiero con más locura

People talk about me
the more they talk about me
the more crazily I love you

You can hear this letra about two minutes into the video below.  (Gabriel de la Tomasa sings it a bit differently than it's written above; I believe he adds mi alma, my love, after the second line.)

By the way, Saray García, the dancer in the video, is Zorri's granddaughter. A few years ago during the Flamenco Tour to Jerez he took us to watch her dance, and she was on fire. That was a fun afternoon.

While we're on the subject of romantic love, check out this video of Jesús Fernández and Anabel Moreno. It's so good!

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