It's the second week of LOVE letras! 

Here's the chorus to Vicente Amigo's Enamorao followed by a video of Alba Heredia when she was little.

Enamorao (estribillo)
Vicente Amigo

Enamorao enamorao
lo que a mi me está pasando
es que estaba enamorao
pasará el tiempo
no servirá de escarmiento
lo que hemos pasao

In Love (Chorus)
Vicente Amigo

In love, in love
what is happening to me
is that I'm in love
Time will pass
it won't serve as a lesson
what we've been through

You can hear the original version (a rumba) sung by El Pele with Vicente Amigo here.

Apparently on top of my work seems as good a place as any to Frances the Kitty Cat to take a bath and hang out.

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