Flamenco lover, this post is dedicated to you.

Last week I asked some students what they loved about flamenco. (I asked myself too.) Our answers became the list below. Following the list you'll find the video that inspired one reader to begin dancing flamenco along with a downloadable valentine for you.

What We Love About Flamenco:

  1. The challenge
  2. The community
  3. The emotion
  4. The elegance
  5. The passion
  6. The boldness
  7. The rhythm
  8. The beauty
  9. The focus
  10. The complexity
  11. The communication
  12. The music
  13. The history
  14. The structure
  15. The jaleos
  16. The layers
  17. The intensity
  18. The soulful singing
  19. The way it makes me feel
  20. The expressive movement of the dance 
  21. The multiple elements one needs to follow
  22. The sensation of being empowered to fully be myself
  23. The combination of precision/technique with expression/interpretation 
  24. There is no competitive aspect to it except to see what I can do
  25. How my brain focuses only on exactly what I’m doing at the moment and I stop thinking about all the other things I worry about during the day
  26. It is beautiful and hard at the same time
  27. It teaches me about life
  28. It is deeply authentic
  29. It pushes me to go outside of my comfort zone
  30. It speaks to my soul
  31. It’s not just learning some dance steps, it’s learning a culture, it’s history, a feeling, a song and it’s lyrics, a rhythm
  32. It is a dance form that can be an in depth, lifelong study or practiced for the pure enjoyment of moving in the moment
  33. It is a powerful, and passionate dance that expresses the emotion of the dancer and the singer
  34. It’s a perfect balance between pushing my limits of physical coordination and rediscovering my musicality
  35. Being able to actually feel things when seeing certain people dance ...

That last one came from a reader on this day last year. "It was what motivated me to start dancing," she shared. "Here is the video that started it all for me. It may seem funny because it is all men, but I knew I wanted to do it after seeing this!"

I love this clip for Valentine's Day. They're dancing for a wedding. What could be more perfect than that?

For You

I made you a valentine, and you can download it here.

I know there's even more to love about flamenco. So tell me, what do YOU love about flamenco? Let us know in the comments below.

Happy Valentine's Day!

(A BIG thank you to all of the students who contributed to today's post. ¡Gracias!)

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