In honor of Valentine's Day I have some love related things to share with you today: A collection of love letras, an idea for you if you're looking for an unconventional valentine, and a gift...

So, let's celebrate, shall we? 

Here are a few ideas:

1. Read some letras around the subject of love: 

Letras on Love

(Perhaps you'll find one to share with your valentine, but read carefully as some speak of love gone bad.)

i love flamenco experience flamenco.jpg

2. Love flamenco!

Why do you love about flamenco? Tell me in the comments below something you love about flamenco.

3. A little something for you:

Let flamenco be your valentine. You can download your own personal I love flamenco image here.

¡Felíz Día de San Valentín ~ Happy Valentine's Day!

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