The other day a friend of mine shared with me the video you see below of Niña Pastori and her husband Chaboli. She is singing a letra written by her father in law, El Jeros, and it is SO beautiful. So, I share it with you today. Enjoy!

From 'Somos Dos'
El Jeros

No somos dos, somos doscientos
Somos el mundo, el universo
Somos los mares, somos los vientos
Somos la nieve, somos la escarcha
Somos la luz que brilla en el alma

We are not just two, we are two hundred*
We are the world, the universe
We are the seas, we are the winds
We are the snow, we are the frost
We are the light that shines on the soul

You can hear the whole song by El Jeros here.

*I was debating between translating the first line as We are not just two, we are two hundred  and There are not two of us, there are two hundred. I'll let you choose the line you prefer...

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