Ricardo is the star. I am still just me.

Ok, so I realized something this morning.

This might be my Dancing with the Stars...

I remember seeing that show and thinking how lucky those celebrities are to get to have their own personal, amazingly talented dance coach for an intensive period. There was some envy and jealousy. Then, as I mentioned, this morning I thought

Wait, isn't' that similar to what I have going on right now?

Ok, so let's look at this.

Dancing with the Star

Ricardo is the star. (He is laughing at me right now for calling him that.) And I am the celebrity who gets to dance with him. (Only I am not really a celebrity.)

So, you see, it's basically the same as the show except that

  • We will not be on television.  We will be live at the Someday Lounge and in Dunthorp.  More interesting, perhaps?
  • There will be no judges, well no official ones that is.
  • The featured dancing will be all flamenco. Actually, I take that back, there is some modernish and other stuff mixed in too. Ricardo is trying to make me jump. I don't jump.
  • I am living with the star. - I don't know whether or not they do that on the show.
  • We've been spending more time talking about our pieces than actually dancing them. Next time I would include more dancing…and more time. Es que es muy divertido, quiero seguir jugando!
  • He lets me have a say in the creation of the dances. Gracias, Ricardo.
  • Instead of just one dance to prepare for we have many. Let me just say ay yay yay about that.

Ok, but like the show…

  • We will have live musicians. And musical numbers...
  • We will dance together.
  • There will be interesting lighting.
  • Haha, fun!

I'm sure there are other ways it is and isn't like the show, but I really don't watch it enough to know. If you do, let me know in the comments below.