Cat lovers and cat haters (dislikers?), come one, come all. It's a coletilla por bulerías that we sang with Oscar last month, and it has to do with kitty cats:

Me araña
me araña el gatito
échalo pá trás

He scratches me
The cat scratches me
Get him away

(By the way, I myself am a cat lover.)

A note about dancing bulerías and coletillas:

In class, Oscar talked about how when a singer runs out of coletilla while singing for you, he might start doing jaleo instead. (And Ani always says once you hear just jaleos, it is definitely time to get out!)

Feliz finde ~ Happy weekend!

Free Demo Class with Sol 'La Argentinita!'

Sol 'La Argentinita' is in town with the Portland Opera's production of Carmen. Lucky us! And the luckiest bit of all is that she's sticking around after the shows to give us workshops. They're happening February 18-22, and she'll be giving a free preview class next Wednesday, February 11 at 5:30pm. Come meet her and even dance and sing a bit too...

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