Jesús Carmona Flamenco Dance Workshops

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Critically acclaimed flamenco dancer Jesús Carmona, known for his impeccable technique and innovative choreography, is the winner of the Premio Desplante from the Festival De Las Minas in 2012, Best Outstanding Dancer in the XX Cerrtamen de Danza Español and Flamenco de Madrid in 2011, and Best Principal Dancer in 2014 & 2015 at Los Premios MAX. This spring marks his first visit to the Pacific Northwest. And, I can tell you from personal experience, Jesús is a total sweetheart. Don't miss your chance to study with him right here in Portland! (View a video message from him below.)

That was a FANTASTIC experience! I have done so very little flamenco in my lifetime, such that to be in the room with someone of his caliber was just unforgettable. I especially appreciated that he tried to push us to new levels, taking our ability to do better seriously. It is rare to find someone at his level of expertise who can actually break things down for beginners and teach patiently, encouragingly, and yet with high expectations for improvement.
— Kelola McCrary

A Message from Jesús:

If someone told me last December I would have fallen in love with flamenco I would have scoffed, but here I am! The past 4 days masterclass with the talented and amazing #jesuscarmona have been nothing short of mind blowing. Testing boundaries and taking leaps of faith, and realizing there is something beautiful in my life that is so new and different. Flamenco has made me a part of a community of warm and happy people. I want this to go on forever! My heart is so full tonight! Thank you to my beloved for making this possible, and thank you Laura Onizuka for this amazing workshop!!!! Olé!!!!
— Giye Choe
4 days of flamenco with Jesus Carmona pushed me past my physical thresholds to another plane. So much to integrate and internalize into my dance practice!
Jesus also premiered a new show for an intimate audience, an autobiographical dance account of his life until now. What an honor to witness. A big thank you to Laura Onizuka for masterminding this flamenco weekend!
— Sarah Ward
My heart and spirit are full (and my body sore!) from the amazing flamenco dance intensive and magical show I attended with the inimitable artist Jesús Carmona this week. It was so fun dancing and learning from this wonderful maestro surrounded by friends and familiar faces. Thank you Laura Onizuka for all your hard work organizing the classes, show, and post-workshop paella party.
— Elena Villa
It was so sad to leave Portland tonight. 4 days / 10.5 hrs of flamenco workshops with with a world-renowned dancer from Spain, Jesus Carmona has come to an end. My body is sore, but my heart is full ❤️ What a spectacular experience right here in PNW! His intimate show last night was very special, the best show of any kind I’ve ever experienced, too. What an amazing artist, and how down to earth he is with such a warm heart. Thank you for everything you’ve given us, Jesus! And thank you so much Laura Onizuka for bringing him here and organizing everything for us!! It was so great to connect with other flamencas, too 🤗 I had an amazing time!
— Fusako Nozaka
This past week has been one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life. Flamenco dance workshops with the amazing Jesús Carmona pushed me to my personal limit and beyond. The stamina I gained and technique I learned in a mere six hours of instruction will improve my dancing from now going forward. His performance on Saturday night was transcendant...a wonderful, generous gift to all of us. We capped it off with a lovely paella feast in his honor. Thank you so much, Laura Onizuka for organizing this unforgettable flamenco experience. Gracias Maestro Carmona por su instrucción estupenda. And hugs to all my fellow flamencas/ are my people. 🌹☺🌹
— Shyla Beth
OMG I’m on cloud nine for the rest of the week ... Amazing , AMAZING workshop with the Maestro Jesús Carmona last weekend. I don’t want to forget these 4 days of inspiration and motivation he shared with us! He let us taste the heart of flamenco. We were all spellbounded by his out of the world charisma and down to earth charm😄
And the super intimate show! What a treat ❤️ It almost made me cry.
Thank you Laura for inviting him here in P town! Cant wait to have him back next year again.
— Riko Tannenbaum
Amazing workshop with Jesús Carmona Moreno in Portland! He’s not only a gifted dancer - he has the gift of being able to teach in a very accessible manner - LOVED IT!!
— Dani Serrano
Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Jesús Carmona and Laura Onizuka for a wonderful weekend. The workshop was everything I hoped for and more. I feel so energized and inspired by this amazing dancer who happens to also be a gifted teacher. The workshop was challenging, exciting and so much fun. I learned and grew more than I thought possible in 4 days. And special thanks to Stefani Miller for hosting a super fun post workshop paella party, with a special paella prepared by Chef Ricardo Segura! I met new friends and got to reconnect with old ones. I LOVE my flamenco community! My heart is full of flamenco love and gratitude!
— Julie Pacheco-Toye
Amazing four days of flamenco workshops with Jesús Carmona, learning from the best!! So grateful 🙏 Thank you Laura Onizuka for bringing him!
— Eve Salonen
Eve and I just said our goodbyes to Jesus Carmona Moreno after an amazing final workshop today and delicious paella after party in Portland! Now we are on the road heading home reflecting on our memorable weekend. Thank you Jesus Carmona Moreno for your generous heart and phenomenal artistry. And Laura Onizuka for making this all happen!
— Jackie Villegas Maclin
I’m having such an amazing workshop with Jesús Carmona right here in Portland! Each day I’ve improved and pushed myself beyond what I thought I could handle. I haven’t been dancing flamenco in months and this has been exactly the reminder that I need dance, i need this sisterhood, i need Spain...
This whole experience has revitalized me and grounded me. I’ll never forget it! He is so special...
Thank you Laura Onizuka and Jesús Carmona for these special opportunities right here in Portland! ...
Might be the wine, might be the physical fatigue, or it could be that Jesús Carmona is a special artist I’ve really had the pleasure of meeting and learning from, and much like leaving summer camp as a preteen, I cried all the way home after saying goodbye... So not ready to go back to work tomorrow.
— Seana Rizzutto-Yee





Lakewood Center for the Arts
368 S State St, Lake Oswego, OR

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Mr. Carmona...represents the new wave in flamenco and, more widely, Spanish dance
— New York Times

(Read the full article here.)

I wanted to tell you that there’s no reason to be afraid. I’m a teacher so I know how to teach to different levels, advanced, intermediate, beginning so I encourage you to come to the workshops for all levels because we’re going to have a great time, and we’re going to talk about art and the heart, the most important thing
— Jesús Carmona

Watch him dance here and here or just check him out on YouTube. You can also see many videos here.

Check out this Oregon ArtsWatch write up about his White Bird performance in Portland.

(When I dance I feel) as if everything has stopped, the emptiness of the space. When I get up to perform nothing bothers me, nothing hurts, even if I have a small injury. Dancing takes away pains, colds and even snot. It’s something magical.
— Jesús Carmona

(Quote from La Razón)

More About Jesús

Jesús Carmona, was born in Barcelona in 1985 and began studying flamenco and Spanish classical dance at the age of 7.

He won the Premio Desplante from the Festival De Las Minas in 2012 and Best Outstanding Dancer in the XX Cerrtamen de Danza Española and Flamenco de Madrid in 2011. He was nominated for 2012 Stage Dancer in Sevilla. In 2013 he took second place in the National Flamenco Festival of Córdoba, and in 2014 & 2015 he was awarded Best Principal Dancer at Los Premios MAX.

 His professional debut was at Teatro Zorilla with the Orquesta del Teatro Liceu de Barcelona at the age of 14.

Thus began his professional dancing career as he performed with a variety of notable companies including the Nuevo Ballet Español, Carmen Cortes, El  Güito, Manolete, Antonio Canales y Rafael Amargo. During that time he also participated in pieces with Maestro Granero, the Ballet Nacional de España (BNE), José Antonio, Rafael Campallo, Alberto Lorca, Lola Greco Antonio Canales and Olga Perficet. His work ethic, technique, style, and personal touch was noted by critics.

In 2006 his piece “El Silencio de La Luna” was well received by the public and the press. During this same year his talent, effort, and dedication were recognized when he was chosen as “Primer Bailarín” for the Ballet Nacional de España.

His restlessness and eagerness to express a more personal side and begin a new and broader path inspired him to leave the BNE after three years and begin a new adventure with Cuna Negra y Blanca which gained critical acclaim at the 2012 Bienal de Sevilla, 2012 Madrid en Danza, the 2013 Festival de Jerez, and the Flamenco Arts Festival de Santa Bárbara USA.  

Since then Jesús has continued creating his own works such as 7 Balcones, Impetu's, and Reencuentro Con El Flamenco each well received by the public and the press. He also has continued collaborating and creating with great artists such as: Rojas y Rodríguez, the BNE, Pastora Galván, Rocío Molina, Mayte Martín, Ramón Oller, Antonio Canales, Karime Amaya, Carlos Rodríguez, Paloma Fantova, Lola Greco, Sergio Bernal, Ana Arroyo. His personal works and collaborations have been part of a variety of festivals in Spain and abroad including: Suma Flamenco, Festival Grec, Fall For Dance, Flamenco Festival of London, Miami, and N.Y, Festival de Jerez, Bienal de Sevilla, and Festival de Mont de Marsan. He has enjoyed performing at Corral de la Morería in Madrid and Tablao Cordobés in Barcelona.

Meanwhile Jesús has also traveled the globe teaching workshops and masterclasses. He is very excited to return to Portland.