Here's a caña letra for you followed by a video of Jesús Carmona (who is coming to Portland in the spring for a show and workshops) dancing.


Yo soy como un libro abierto
todo el mundo puede leerme
tú siempre me estás leyendo
pero no has llegado a comprenderme

I'm like an open book
the whole world can read me

you are always reading me
but you're still unable to understand me

Watch Jesús Carmona dancing por caña at Tablao Cordobés in Barcelona:

You can find the first letra in the video (and a translation) here and the last letra from the video here.

(I found today's letra here where it says that Juan Casillas sings it.)

Now get ready,

Jesús Carmona is coming to Portland! 

On March 14th he'll be performing with White Bird dance, and April 19-22 he'll be giving workshops, right here in Portland.

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