If you've ever taken class with Mercedes Ruíz, you will likely recognize the words and phrases below. If you have not yet studied with her and plan to, prepare, because you are sure to hear these utterances over and over again.

If you have previously studied with her but were unsure of what she meant, read on, and find out.

If you have not studied with her and don't plan to, read anyway because the first eight are important tips to remember all of the time in your independent practice or in anybody's class.

Let's Begin

1. Pompi dentro

Keep your bottom in.

2. Todos los deditos

Give attention to all of your fingers.

3. Mantener el mismo plié

Stay in plié and keep your body at the same height. Don't bend and straighten your knees and go up and down.

4. ¡Falda!

Use your skirt, hold your skirt.

5. Respira


6. Baila

Dance. (I know, easier said than done sometimes, but try.)

7. Cuerpo derecho

Hold your body upright, and be aware of your posture.

8. Despacio


9. Uuuuuuno, doooooooos, treeeeeeees … 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, diez.

1, 2, 3 ... You get the picture. This is the number of times she has us slowly do her (now) signature hand and finger exercise that she learned when she was in Eva La Yerbabuena's company.

10. Otra vez

Do it again. This one she says in singsongy way.

11. Todo

The whole thing.


So, if you're thinking of joining the FlamencoTour to Jerez, get ready to hear these words a lot, and heed the calls!

EDIT: If you would like to read about each in more detail with explanations, check this out.


Have you studied with Mercedes? What did I leave out? Let me know in the comments below.