Last week we were blown away by Jesús Carmona here in Portland. He gave workshops and put on a last-minute show, Ensayo de Una Vida, which he created and debuted right here in town! I'll tell you more about that later. For now, here's a letra and a video of Jesús dancing at Corral de la Moreria. (Below the video you can see some pictures from our workshops last week.)


No quiero que hables con nadie
Sólo con tu confesor
con tu padre
con tu madre

I don't want you to talk to anybody
Only to your confessor
to your father
to your mother

This is the first letra in the video below:

Here are a few pics from our workshops with Jesús Carmona. He had a great time teaching in Portland and will be back next year. YAY! Hopefully with Lucía Campillo his wife. Be sure to sign up to receive details when they become available.