Here is a siguiriyas letra we danced to in class with Mercedes last weekend:

Por los malos caminos 
yo no quiero andar 
Yo lo que quiero
es la llave de mi libertad

Along bad paths
I don’t want to walk
What I want
is the key to my freedom

Mercedes explained to us that this is a siguiriyas in the style of Manuel Torre and that this is how siguiriyas from Jerez are, short.

You can listen to Miguel Lavi sing it on Santi’s second CD, Sentimientos Nuevos. It’s the first track, Seguiriyeando (Seguiriyas) con Miguel Lavi.

Here are some images of Mercedes during our final day of class taken by Salim Sanchez. I can’t believe she’s been gone for almost a week! I miss having daily classes with her sooooo much, and I can’t wait to be back studying with her on the Flamenco Tour to Jerez this coming fall…