You can hear José Mercé sing today’s letra for Manuela Carrasco in the clip below. He does it as a soleá por bulerías. I remember watching this clip over and over again when I first got into flamenco and being mesmerized by Manuela, unable to fathom what she was doing. Her energy, her intensity, the feeling she emotes, her postures, and the footwork right after this letra, por favor ...

Soleá Por Bulerías

Quieres que te quiera yo
que te quiera tu mario
que tiene la obligación

You want me to love you
may your husband love you

for it's his duty

Here's that clip. It’s from Carlos Saura’s movie Flamenco. You can hear this letra at 7 minutes 30 seconds:

As you may already know, I saw this movie just before going to Spain for the first time to study flamenco in 1998. This image of Manuela and everything about her was stamped in my mind, scaring me to death while simultaneously driving my desire to dance and learn more about this mysterious art form. Twenty years later the mystery has not subsided. I don't think it ever will. I think it is part of what keeps me in it. What about you? Let me know in the comments below.

You can hear Camarón sing it por bulerías here.

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