Below is a sevillanas verse.

Followed by a video - possibly my favorite sevillanas ever - of Camarón singing it, with Tomatito and Joaquín Amador on guitar and Manuela Carrasco dancing.

Isidro Muñoz

Pa qué me llamas prima, 
si me crucifica que te mire,
si me crucifica tu mirada

Si cuando me tienes te retienes  
y eres como el vuelo de tu enagua

pa qué me llamas?

Why do you call me Love,
if you crucify me when I look at you,
if your look crucifies me

If when you have me you hold back
and you are like the spin of your petticoat
why do you call me?

Whoa ... (and olé)

Please watch this, even if you've already seen it a million times:

From Carlos Saura's Sevillanas.

Edit: Thank you, Nat for your help with this one.

Click here to see a rehearsal, unfortunately you can no longer hear the sound.