This has never happened.

Well, had never happened.  Until yesterday.  At least not that I can recall.

Friday came and went.  And I did not publish the letra.  Saturday came and went.  Still, I did not publish the letra.

It was a weekend of social engagements and work disengagement.

Saturday morning I told Felicia and Thomas that I'd skipped the letra.  We wondered how everyone had survived their Friday without it.  Just kidding.  It was rather them finding me strange for caring and me wondering how I had survived my Friday without it...

It is now Sunday afternoon, and here is the letra, even though Felicia thought I ought to just skip it this week.

But that is something I simply cannot do.


Si tú piensas que me caigo
con un pie yo me mantengo
si tú tienes quien te quiera
también tengo quien por mi pase duquelas.

If you think I'm falling
I'll hold myself up with one foot
If you have someone who loves you
I also have one who suffers for me.

You can hear this letra at 2 minutes and 40 seconds.

And here is the letra he sings at 5:50.

Then at 8:45 he uses part of De Colores.  Big Smile. I used to sing that song with my first graders. 

And, by the way, I've decided that it is quite possibly impossible for me at least to understand the last lines of any bulerías that Niño de la Fragua sings.  Another indication that I need to learn many more verses if I feel like knowing what a singer might be singing.

And, yes, I do feel like knowing.

To Notice

Students, we've talked about how it is typical to hear contratiempo palmas during guitar falsetas por bulerías.  The video is a good example of this.  This is a fun one to practice with, either your counter-time along with him or straights to his contratiempo.

And dancers, we can absolutely positively learn from this.  Notice how his final clearly says to everyone, "It's over, I'm finishing NOW."  This is a great example of a crystal clear ending.

Let's do bulerías

We've got a bunch of bulerías workshops coming up in August.  The Ins & Outs of Bulerías and Bulerías The Next Step.


Tell me what you think.  As you know, I love your translation reflections and suggestions.  What about the video?  Did you practice along with it?  Did it make you want to dance?  Leave a comment here.