Usually about a week into the Flamenco Tour I start hearing bulerías in my head at random times. It lingers for awhile upon returning home which I guess is why I've been on such a bulerías kick ...


¿A quién le contaré yo? 
yo le canto a mi niño* 
que tengo la obligación

Who will I sing to? 
I'll sing to my child

for I'm obligated to

*Often here the singer sings the name of the person dancing, "Yo le canto a mi [insert name] ..."

Here is El Almendro singing this letra to Rocío at Peña La Bulería during the last Flamenco Tour to Jerez (Unfortunately I ran out of space on my camera before she finished dancing. Rocío loves to dance and loves a fiesta. On this day she was recovering from a cold after having spent ten days on the pilgrimage to Rocío the week before...)

Whenever somebody sings to me this letra to me I smile a humongous smile. There's just something about hearing a somebody sing your name as you dance.

Craving More Bulerías?

Join me for the bulerías workshops coming up July 7 & 8 and for the Flamenco Tour to Jerez where we dance and hear bulerias all over the place.

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