Understanding Bulerías Workshops:

Workshop 1: The Ins & Outs of Bulerías de Jerez - August 23, 24, 25

Workshop 2: Bulerías: The Next Step - August 23, 24, 25

Workshop 3:  Jaleos para Bulerías - TBA

Workshop 4:  Bulerías: Solidification of it All - TBA

Workshop 5:  Build Your Own Bulerías - TBA

Por Fiesta Flamenco Nights - Ongoing, join us now for Beginning & Multi-level + Practice Session

As much as I would like to say I can give you the perfect formula and it will make any and all bulerías a breeze, I cannot. (Well, I kind of can...) I can give you a structure and show how you adjust this and that to make it work for you and the bulerías situation you find yourself in. I can teach you certain rules that will help ensure your success. 

This is good news, especially for those of us who like both doing and having things explained, who like to know when, why, and how. HOWEVER simply knowing the “formula” is not enough. We need to understand the theory, understand the why, and know what to do with it. 

Through teaching, guidance, and practice we can gain comfort in dancing this form. We can learn to relax into it so that when something goes differently than anticipated (cante, for example) we are comfortable adjusting. Doing, doing, and more doing while receiving feedback will support you on your journey to bulerías mastery.

“I love how you are teaching the Bulerías de Jerez...I have never learned so much from a bulerias class!!  We learn little bits, identify where they go in the cante, and then mix them up.  It is really beginning to sink in!!  I have learned so much material in this class and I am able to mix pieces from one choreography with another.  Thanks!!” – Stefani Miller

Why You, Why Me?

I learned the hard way, and that's not how I want things to be for you. After much of doing, messing up, analyzing and figuring out, and thoughts of, "Why didn't you just say that in the first place?" I realized it was time to create a method [a FUN method] to present the necessary information in an understandable manner while providing a format for practicing and perfecting in a variety of scenarios. Consider these workshops a synthesis of everything I've learned about bulerías in order to make this palo more accessible to you and hopefully help you learn from my mistakes!  (Because, let's face it, often times it is simply too frustrating trying to learn from the people who have been doing it their whole lives and can't begin to comprehend where we're coming from.)

"I like how you break down each component to bulerías and don't just teach a choreography. My brain is so full - but I know things are starting to click together simply by how much I think and dream about it...it's like learning a language - I've been learning all these words - or mimicking sentences through memorization and repetition - but finally, my brain is starting to realize these words and sentences have meanings and can make other sentences - they communicate with others too - and eventually, you can maintain an entire conversation..."  Seana Yee

And, why, again do I need to study bulerías?

Because dancing bulerías is essential and beyond FUN! This is the palo of the fín de fiesta. It is where you get to be silly and let your personality shine. It is what even the guitarists and the singers dance. You can't do flamenco and NOT do bulerías. Simplemente, no puede ser.

Why A Series of Workshops?

The series of bulerías workshops exist to broaden your knowledge and to make you feel truly comfortable in this flamenco style. Each workshop at the very least will provide you with a deeper understanding of bulerías along with set dances that can be deconstructed and reconstructed, giving you all of the pieces you need to adapt to any given scenario.

What do I get besides the classes?

The workshops include both class time and study-at-home materials (either in the form of an ebook, practice sheets, or cheat sheets).

Workshop 1: The Ins & Outs of Bulerías de Jerez - 

To TRULY understand the structure of Bulerías de Jerez and how to respond to the cante.  Leave this workshop confident in dancing a bulerías by yourself, in compás, and with the cante.

“LOVE BULERÍAS…It has been almost a year since I found you and the passion, so I know I have come a long way with much more to look forward to. Bulerias appeals to me because of the personal variety (age and physical differences) one can incorporate into the individual dance in the presence of others.”  - Pat France

Workshop 2: Bulerías: The Next Step - 

How to “improvise” and adapt your baile to different types of bulerías cante.

Workshop 3: Jaleos para Bulerías -

Ay!  How to dance and more importantly how to give incredible jaleos so the cante is not missed.  Flamenco is not flamenco without jaleos.  Yet we are often shy to give them.  This workshop will take care of that.

"Before I took the class of jaleos, I was shy to say it loud in front of the people.  Also I did not know the right timing to say it.  But after all the classes with Laura, I was comfortable to "yell" the jaleos while somebody is dancing.  It was such a great moment to support the dancer by the jaleos and the palmas."  - Kikuyo Jurgens

Workshop 4:  Bulerías: Solidification of it All

Enhanced understanding of responding to the cante and using jaleos & palmas alone and with baile and cante

“I love how you’re always thinking of different ways to cram it in our brains.” – Amy Brownell

Workshop 5:  Build Your Own Bulerías - 

I’ll guide you through the process of making your own dance using moves I teach you and/or moves you’ve learned previously (from me or someone else).

Do I need to take ALL of the Workshops?

Each workshop is designed to build upon the previous however it is not necessary to take them all. Though for the most comprehensive understanding, taking all workshops is recommended. [The first one , The Ins & Outs of Bulerías de Jerez, is especially important, acting as a foundation for the rest.]  Still, if there are certain aspects you want to focus more on than others then you can pick and choose which workshops to attend. Each workshop will strengthen your understanding of bulerías, support you in the subsequent ones and support your other flamenco endeavors.

Why a Workshop Format?

The intensity of a workshop allows us to fit what might normally be spread out over several months into a few sessions. The opportunity to focus on one thing in a concentrated format with a set group of people attending each time facilitates progression and generates an excitement very conducive to learning.


Feel free to contact us with any questions.