Multi-level Por Fiesta Flamenco (Eastside Location) - Wednesdays [8:00 - 9:00pm]

A fiesta style flamenco dance class in inner southeast Portland where we focus on learning improvisational bulerías and tangos and practicing with live musicians.

LOCATION: Center for Movement Arts 1734 SE 12th Ave, Portland, OR 97214

INAUGURAL SESSION | Wednesdays November 7 & 28 and December 5 & 12 | 8:00-9:00 pm 

$45* Inaugural Session Special (or Class Flex Card ($60/4 hrs. $112/8 hrs. or $16 drop-in) + supplemental fee for live musicians*

Inaugural session dates:

  • Wednesday, November 7th [8-9:00 pm]

  • Wednesday, November 28th [8-9:00 pm] - LIVE MUSICIANS

  • Wednesday, December 5th [8-9:00 pm

  • Wednesday, December 12th [8-9:00 pm] - LIVE MUSICIANS

WINTER SESSION: Wednesdays January 2, 9, 16, 23 & 30, February 6, 13, 20 & 27 | 8:00-9:00pm
LIVE MUSICIANS Jan 9 & 23, Feb 6 & 20)

$99* Winter Session Special (or Class Flex Card ($60/4 hrs. $112/8 hrs. or $16 drop-in) + supplemental fee for live musicians*

  • Wednesday, Jan 2nd [8-9:00 pm]

  • Wednesday, Jan 9th [8-9:00 pm] - LIVE MUSICIANS

  • Wednesday, Jan 16th [8-9:00 pm]

  • Wednesday, Jan 23rd [8-9:00 pm] - LIVE MUSICIANS

  • Wednesday, Jan 30th [8-9:00 pm]

  • Wednesday, Feb 6th [8-9:00 pm] - LIVE MUSICIANS

  • Wednesday, Feb 13th [8-9:00 pm

  • Wednesday, Feb 20th [8-9:00 pm] - LIVE MUSICIANS

  • Wednesday, Feb 27th [8-9:00 pm]

*Full session discount, no make-ups/non-transferable.

*Supplemental fee to be around $5-10 TBD on a per class basis depending upon the number of students.

Who are the musicians? CANTE: Diana Bright, Lamiae Naki & Mitsue “La Pura” GUITARRA: Mark Ferguson & Nat Hulskamp

How do I sign up? Email us here.

Class Description:

Learn to dance improvisational bulerías and tangos and practice with live musicians. (Inaugural session focus: bulerías.) This is a multi-level class however some flamenco experience is necessary to join.

It’s easy to feel intimidated or stressed out at the prospect of dancing on your own. Are you ready to move beyond the barriers and become more comfortable “improvising” in a por fiesta setting? In this class you will learn new moves, how to respond to the singing while you dance, and how to adapt those moves in the moment. This is where the fun is at!

Every other week we will be joined by musicians to practice dancing with live guitar and cante.

Through teaching, guidance, and practice we gain comfort dancing in a por fiesta setting. We can learn to relax into the dance so that when something goes differently than anticipated (cante, for example) we feel comfortable adjusting our moves in the moment. Doing, doing, and more doing while receiving feedback will support you on your journey to por fiesta freedom.

The first part of class will be focused on direct instruction (intermediate level) then the second part of class will be guided practice (all levels). On “musician days” more time will be spent in guided practice. Contact us if you have questions.

What will be addressed?

  • Where to come in with the cante and where to leave

  • How to dance on your own, in compás with cante and guitarra

  • What to do when the cante seems to throw you off

  • How to make a choreography your own

  • New moves for each component of the dance

  • How to pick apart different dances and use the parts you like (mix & match)

  • How to create your very own baile por bulerías/tangos

  • Where to add or subtract from your choreography & why

  • How to adapt a choreography to reflect different situations in the cante (in other words, how to follow the letra without abandoning your choreography)

  • How to play with your moves

  • How to dance w/o a choreography

During the guided practice sessions some people will be focusing on learning the structure of the dance and where to come in with the cante, others on responding to the cante within the letra, some on dancing our choreography as-is and memorizing it, others mixing and matching the components to "improvise," others on how to exit …  We'll ALL practice accompanying each other with palmas and jaleos because this is everybody's job in por fiesta flamenco.  

(Beginning Por Fiesta students are encouraged to join on live musician days to practice dancing and playing palmas. ***Beginning students who wish to stay on live musician days just to watch and practice palmas and jaleos need only pay the supplemental musician fee (not the class fee). Contact us if you have any questions about your level or about how the class is structured.)

learned to dance por fiesta the hard way, and that's not how I want things to be for you. After much of doing, messing up, analyzing and figuring out, and thoughts of, "Why didn't you just say that in the first place?" I realized it was time to create a method [a FUN method] to present the necessary information in an understandable manner while providing a format for practicing and perfecting in a variety of scenarios. Consider these por fiesta sessions a synthesis of everything I've learned about bulerías & tangos designed to make them more accessible to you and hopefully help you learn from my mistakes!  

This class is held at the Center for Movement Arts 1734 SE 12th Ave, Portland, OR 97214.

"I like how you break down each component to bulerías and don't just teach a choreography. My brain is so full - but I know things are starting to click together simply by how much I think and dream about's like learning a language - I've been learning all these words - or mimicking sentences through memorization and repetition - but finally, my brain is starting to realize these words and sentences have meanings and can make other sentences - they communicate with others too - and eventually, you can maintain an entire conversation..."  Seana Yee

"If you know Flamenco, even a litle bit, then you know that Bulerias CAN BE scary, and/or can be SUPER FUN! I was brave enough to take Laura's monthly Bulerias workshop for 5 weeks, and I am so glad that I did!!! At the first class, I was almost going to feel left behind because in the class, everyone already seems to know what's going on both structure-wise and choreography-wise. BUT, Laura carefully watches every one of her students and gives advice and encouragement! By the end of each class, I left the studio with more and more confidence and just couldn't wait for the next class! Class is a very friendly atmosphere, and oh I'm so thankful to Laura, for how she teaches, and how she actually makes students be able to BULERIAS! Laura's class is TOTAL FUN!"   - Harue Hirai

"Wow, I am so impressed with how far we have alll come in the bulerías series! Seriously, everyone seemed so much more comfortable on Saturday and I love all of the support and smiles. ¡Gracias! That is all because of you and your effective, encouraging and challenging teaching!!" - Erica

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Por Fiesta Flamenco

Beginning Por Fiesta [Wednesdays 7-8:00pm]

Multi-Level Por Fiesta & Guided Practice Session [Wednesdays 8-9:00pm]

Live musicians every other week for the practice session