Workshop 3 of the Understanding Bulerías Series

Jaleos para Bulerías (Eastisde Location)  Summer Workshop: Dates TBA*

*Minimum number of participants necessary to hold class. Please contact us if you're interested!

LOCATION: 226 SE Madison St. Portland

In this workshop you'll learn all you need to know about dancing bulerías with only jaleos and palmas. You'll learn how to accompany a dancer with jaleos and how to use jaleos to guide your dancing. You can't do flamenco and not do jaleos.

Schedule & Pricing:

TBA  [includes classes & ebook]

How do I sign up? Email us here.

"Before I took the class of jaleos, I was shy to say it loud in front of the people.  Also I did not know the right timing to say it.  But after all the classes with Laura, I was comfortable to "yell" the jaleos while somebody is dancing.  It was such a great moment to support the dancer by the jaleos and the palmas." Kikuyo

What Will I Learn?

  • What to do with the palmas when there is no cante
  • How to accompany an entire bulerías (or several) with jaleos
  • A full jaleos "song" and an accompanying dance
  • How to use jaleos to guide your dancing
  • How to dance a bulerías by yourself, in compás and with jaleos

Expand please We will study specifically how to give a dancer - even if this dancer is you - great jaleos. Great enough to perform a full bulerías without any singing. We will learn how to do this as we learn the moves. So, you’ll come away with specific jaleos to go with specific bulerías pasos. Just as you learn a set choreography, you will learn a set jaleo piece. Then you will learn to mix and match it. Because there is actually much freedom once you get the basics down.

And, don’t worry, we’ll practice doing this in class.

If bulerías is all about the cante, what happens when there is no singing?

That's what we'll explore. You'll leave ready to do bulerías anywhere, even if there is no singer, no guitarist, no music. And, by the way, even when all of the elements are there, you NEED to be able to give jaleos truly do bulerías.

Why is this workshop fundamental?

  • Because we often don't have cante around here
  • When there is a singer, often there is only one and they might want a break
  • And real bulerías singing and dancing cannot exist without jaleos to compliment it.

But I thought it was all about the cante. Sí, el cante manda, (we follow the cante) unless, of course, there is no cante.

Ok, so what happens if there is no cante? Then we make up for it with jaleos and palmas…in such a way that the cante is not missed.

Is that really possible? Absolutely.

But doesn’t there need to be cante for it to be bulerías de Jerez? No! Not every bulerías needs cante. In fact it can be really fun without. As long as we do certain things with the palmas and, here’s the biggie, with the jaleos.

The truth is, Jaleos are ESSENTIAL. Jaleos are always important in bulerías. They compliment the cante, the baile, the guitarra.  Bulerías de Jerez do cannot exist without them. And when there is no cante, jaleos become even more important. Muy muy muy importante. Absolutely essential for everyone to do. It’s like they take the place of the cante. That is how important they become. (I once popped in on a bulerías class with Chiqui de Jerez. No cante, no guitarra but tons of dancers producing an incredible chorus of jaleos.)

And I know, I know, you’ve probably heard that jaleos are to come out naturally when you feel moved. Well, sure, that is one type. But here, we’re talking about rhythmic jaleos specifically for bulerías. Here they take on a different role, and we need to know what this is.

When you haven't grown up with flamenco all around you, it can feel COMPLETELY STRANGE to just shout things out. This is why I provide you with a structure. You can think of it as a way to warm up to this practice of shouting out seemingly random words while someone is dancing, singing, or playing guitar. If you're kind of shy or you think it will feel uncomfortable, I'll show you how to deal with that and give jaleos with ease.

"Laura is a great dancer, and you can learn a lot just by watching her.   But she is truly a teacher as well, and she has been willing to share her experiences of learning this complicated art form.  As she absorbs and distills the vast ocean of flamenco stuff that we Americanos aren't born into and don't grow up with, she is dedicated to passing what she has learned on to us. Ok, that sounds like an obvious thing that a teacher would do, but actually, it might be a rare combo.  There are inspiring teachers who can show you great moves, but they've grown up doing those moves, so it's just hard for them to explain how they do it.   Laura has gotten there the hard way, which is how most of us are going to have to get there, and she is determined to give us the benefit of all her hard-earned knowledge as a gift.  This is what great teachers do: they open the door for us, and tip us off to shortcuts when they find them, and encourage us by their presence ahead of us on the road. Laura is a very generous teacher. "    - Mia

As you learn how to do the jaleos, your dancing will improve. The jaleos will start to guide you as you dance. It may even seem magical...

And so will your compás. Rhythmic elements will start to click in new ways.

But why can’t I just dance to palmas or guitar if there is no singing? Because then it really wouldn’t be bulerías de Jerez, and it would be completely boring.

What else do I get? Jaleos ebook including the written jaleos with pronunciations and explanations of how to use. A reference to have forever and to clarify many questions you may have.

What if I am not a dancer? This workshop is for you too. Because through the study of the dance moves, you will gain an understanding of what the dancer is doing which will allow you to respond with jaleos, palmas, even your guitar if that is what you do.  This is an interactive art form, and it is important to understand the different roles in order to do yours better. In addition, we’re talking about bulerías here, the baile of the fín de fiesta…where EVERYBODY gets a chance to dance. This is often my favorite part of a show, getting to see the guitarists and percussionists and singers dance. So much fun. Hmmm, and they often have the best moves.  Why is that?

What if I don't speak Spanish? That's fine. I'll teach you what you need to know and how to pronounce it correctly.

*But I was unable to take the first workshop? That’s ok. You can still take this one. Later, when it’s offered again, you might want to take the Ins & Outs to learn the muy importante foundational stuff for interacting with the cante, etc. and to get the supporting ebook, but you can still participate in this workshop and learn all it has to teach you without having taken the previous one.

*Purchase of this workshop in non-refundable and non-transferable.