Workshop 1 of the Understanding Bulerías Series:

The Ins & Outs of Bulerías (Eastisde Location)  Summer Workshop: August 23, 24, 25

LOCATION: 5516 SE Foster Rd, Portland

Bulerías is a fiesta-style dance from Jerez de la Frontera, Spain. It is the most improvisational form of flamenco and probably the silliest as well. It is what we see at parties and at the end of flamenco shows. It is a dance from the pueblo for ALL people to do, not just "dancers." In fact, some of my favorite people to watch doing this dance are townspeople who do it just for fun, not professionally.

  • Learn the basics of bulerías.

  • Put them into practice with cante & guitarra.

  • And get an ebook, so you don't have to leave it all in the studio.


  • Friday, August 23 from 6:30-7:30

  • Saturday, August 24 from 12:30-2:30

  • Sunday, August 25 from 12:30-2:30

Put your new moves into practice at the weekend juerga!

$92  [includes 5 hours of classes, ebook & guitar accompaniment]

$82 if you've taken it before ($175 for both The Ins & Outs of Bulerías & Bulerías the Next Step.)

5516 SE Foster Rd, Portland

How do I sign up?
Register here.

TRULY understand the structure of bulerías

Leave this workshop with a full bulerías that you can dance by yourself, in compás, with cante, and the ability to accompany others with palmas.

What will I learn?

  • The basic structure (You can use it for rest of your life, really!)

  • A choreography following the basic structure

  • Examples of how you could adapt the choreography to different situations with the cante

  • The components of the baile

  • Las palmas to accompany the baile (hand-clapping)

  • Basic jaleos (calls of encouragement), where to put them, what to say

  • The main concept to understand in order to dance well with the cante

  • Where to come in with the cante and where to leave

  • What to do when the cante seems to throw you off

  • How to dance a bulerías by yourself, in compás and with the cante

What else do I get?
An ebook addressing the concepts covered in class to support your learning and further your understanding. To clarify common questions and act as your reference both during and after the workshop. In other words, it's a big, helpful reference to use for the rest of your bulerías life. Past students have told me over and over again what a help this ebook is and that they continue to refer to it and learn from it.  Just the thing for you if you like clear explanations.

"I like how you break down each component to the bulerias and don't just teach a choreography. My brain is so full - but I know things are starting to click together simply by how much I think and dream about's like learning a language - I've been learning all these words - or mimicking sentences through memorization and repetition - but finally, my brain is starting to realize these words and sentences have meanings and can make other sentences - they communicate with others too - and eventually, you can maintain an entire conversation..."  Seana Yee

"Laura, thank you SO much for having me today even though I contacted you such a last minute!!!  The class was VERY challenging to me, but I enjoyed your class so much.  You are so knowledgeable about bulerias and oh it was fun to just be there!  All of your students are really impressive too!  And what a welcoming atmosphere!  I wish I was taking ALL of your bulerias series, but if there are chances in the future, I would love to come back!  Gracias otra vez!  Besos   - Harue Hirai

"LOVE BULERÍAS...It has been almost a year since I found you and the passion, so I know I have come a long way with much more to look forward to. Bulerias appeals to me because of the personal variety (age and physical differences) one can incorporate into the individual dance in the presence of others."  - Pat France

What if I want further practice of what I learn in class?
Wonderful! You can take Bulerías The Next Step too.

What if I took this workshop already?
You're welcome to do it again. We'll follow the same structure, use the same book, but we'll learn some new moves. Previous Ins & Outs attendees may take this one at a discounted rate of $40. If you're ready to review and explore more deeply the core concepts of bulerías por fiesta, which you probably are, you'll have a chance to do just that.

What if I've never done any flamenco before?
This is a beginning level workshop. Still, bulerías is a complicated rhythm. If you are uncertain, feel free to contact us

*Purchase of this workshop in non-refundable and non-transferable.  *Workshop may not be taken by drop-in or class card without instructor permission.