I heard today's letra a few weeks ago in Jerez during the Flamenco Tour (at the same show where I heard last week's letra). Juan Peña sang it por bulerías. Upon researching the verse, I discovered the following version por tangos sung by Flora who you'll see in the video below.

Tangos Extremeños

Si tuvieras tú vergüenza
como la tiene la gente
no pasaría por mi puerta
ni por la acera de enfrente

Had you any sense of shame
as people do
you wouldn't pass by my door
not even the sidewalk in front of it

You can hear Flora sing it in the video below about a minute and a half in:

And you can hear Juan Peña sing it por bulerías (and watch him dance a pataíta) here. He sang it a bit differently. Here are some pics I took right before he sang this letra: