When we were in Jerez we spent a lot of time at Tabanco El Pasaje watching flamenco. You can see shows there just about every afternoon and night. Below you can see a video of Juan Loreto dancing soleá por bulerías.

Soleá por Bulerías

Qué pena tengo en el alma
se murió la madre mía
cuando se anunciaba el alba

What sorrow I feel in my soul
my mother died
when dawn came

You can hear Juan Peña sing the beginning of this letra at the end of this video that one of the Flamenco Tour participants took with Juan Loreto dancing. The other singer is Miguel Nuñez and the guitarists are Isaac Viejo and Miguel Heredia. (This was SUCH a great show.) Enjoy:

You can see part of the fin de fiesta from that night here.

*I found the words to this letra here in La Poesia Flamenca, lirica en Andalúz. This is a great book that is not only full of letras but talks about them and their history.

EDIT: You can hear him sing this letra again here and watch how Beatríz Morales improvises to it.

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