Today was the last bulerias class for everyone on the Spain Tour, my exotic pets.

And tomorrow is the final class with Mercedes.

Then on Sunday everyone leaves.  I am feeling pretty sad about that.  Thank goodness Katie is staying...

But back to bulerías class.

Today was a celebratory day.  Just about everyone got cerveza.  Yes, beer.  When Ani is in a good mood and really likes what you do she gives you beer.  I didn't get any beer.  

Anyway, today, as usual, she gave everyone some really important information regarding how to approach bulerías por fiesta.  I think I’ll tell you about that tomorrow or the next day.

For today, another letra por bulerías.  I am still in Jerez after all.


No me vengas con belénes
que tú me pones la cabeza
como el molino que muele.

Don't come to me with problems
You make my head feel
like the mill that grinds.

Thanks for this one, Junquerita.  You can listen to it here as a soleá por bulerías.

As usual, thanks for tuning in.  And, as you know, translation is often a struggle for me.  If you have any suggestions, you can leave them below.