Tangos / Granaínas

Quiero vivir en Graná
porque me gusta de oír

la campana de la Vela
cuando me voy a dormir

I want to live in Granada
because I like hearing
the bell of the Vela*
when I go to sleep

*The Vela refers to the Tower of the Vela at the top of the Alhambra in Granada.

Now watch Beatriz Morales dance and hear Juan Peña sing it with Isaac Viejo on guitar at 1:10 in the video below:

Here's Arcángel singing it por granaínas:

You can hear María Toledo sing it here seven minutes in and again here at about 2:30.

Here is another version (which appears to be the original version of this letra):

Quiero vivir en Granada
solamente para oír,
las campanas de la Meca
cuando me voy a dormir

Ese sonido que tiene, que me hace recordar
cuando Boabdil la dejaba y de pena se echó a llorar.

I want to live in Granada
just to hear,
the bells of Mecca
when I go to sleep

That sound they make, that reminds me
of when Boabdil* left and began to cry from sorrow.

Here is some information on Boabdil, Muhammad XII of Granada.

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