I am sitting on my bed looking up at the Alhambra. (No, I am not joking.) It is almost 1am, and I am in Granada. I was doing almost this exact same thing at almost this exact same time last night.

In a moment I'll get to this week's letra along with a great raw video of Junco singing and playing guitar for the camera.

But first I want to tell you more about yesterday

I began writing this note to you in my little book yesterday evening at the Mirador de San Nicolás while listening to two guys playing rumbas with (once again) the Alhambra as my back drop.

Even earlier that evening I was in our apartment doing my doings, occasionally glancing up at the Alhambra from my window and hearing the sounds of the flamenco show going on next door.

Before that I was enjoying hearing the guitarist next door practicing as I ate my snack and checked my email.

And this is what it was like yesterday in Granada...

We happened to be up at the Mirador again this afternoon. The same two guys were in the same spot playing rumbas again.

I guess it is their spot.

Here is the chorus from Primer Amor by Junco, one of the songs that they did last night.

Primer Amor (Coro) Junco

Yo no te podría olvidar
yo no te quería dejar 
y por causas de la vida

yo me tuve que marchar

I couldn't forget you
I didn't want to leave you
and due to circumstances of life
I had to leave

The whole song is cool. You can listen to it here or watch the video below. (I suggest doing both.)

About Granada and Me

I chose to spend a week in Granada with a friend after the Flamenco Tour to Jerez ended. Not to take classes, just to experience the city. I am feeling very fortunate and so enjoying this beautiful place. It's kind of magical.¿Quién sabe? Maybe we'll do a Flamenco Tour to Granada sometime soon.

One thing that's cool about the Flamenco Tour is that people can choose to extend their trip and visit another place. Some people have the flexibility to do this while others do not. Some come to Spain a couple of days early or stay a couple of days late. Some turn those days into weeks. Some people have family join them. Some people travel for a few days on their own. And many simply go back home.

And speaking of future trips, dates for the fall Flamenco Tours to Jerez and Barcelona will be out very soon. You can get on the Flamenco Tour list here to remain in the know.

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