I’ve talked before about the things from Jerez that I miss once I leave. And how one thing that I tend to miss enormously is having almost daily classes with Mercedes Ruíz.

I cannot have daily classes with Mercedes here in Portland for a very obvious reason.

The Very Obvious Reason:

Mercedes is not in Portland.

(Nor is her dance studio a mere three minute walk from where I live which is how it is in Jerez and which makes it easier than anything apart from having her in your bedroom to make it to her class.)

Although Mercedes in not in Portland and although I am not in Jerez, there is good news.

The Good News:

I can be there with her while being here without her, sort of.


By pretending. (I love pretending.)

For seven days beginning December 25, I will simulate being in class with Mercedes, and you can do the same (from the comfort of your own home)!

What is it? The Dance as if You Were in Class with Mercedes Holiday Challenge

But what does that mean? Seven days of simulated class with Mercedes in your bedroom/kitchen/living room/bathroom… You get the idea.

Why?   It will be fun. It will give us a focused way to continue doing flamenco while classes are on winter break. It can help with holiday and possible family overwhelm.

When is it happening?   December 25 - 31.

Where is it happening?   Wherever you happen to be.

How much time will it take?   As much or as little time as you can find or cannot find.

What materials do I need to participate? Really, you just need yourself and a little bit of space. Other things that might be helpful but are not necessary are: a mirror at times, a computer or smartphone, some music.

Do I need to prepare? No, but if you’re itching to get started, I suggest watching some videos of her dancing to help to get you in the mood. In fact, regardless of whether or not you join me for the challenge you can join me in this preparation. You’ll find one snippet below, and here are more than enough to keep you busy.

How exactly will the challenge work? I’ll tell you more about how it is going to work tomorrow, and I’ll also give you an optional ‘warm-up’ activity. So stay tuned!

Comments or Questions?

You can leave a comment or question below.

Edit: Here are links to each day of the challenge so that you can do it at your own pace:

The Warm-Up

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

How to Keep The Challenge Going in the New Year