Only two days left of the challenge? I kind of can't believe how quickly it's going by...

Squeezing it in

I mentioned yesterday that I had an idea for squeezing in an exercise when you're feeling that there is no time.

Because there is time.

Let me tell you about how I brush my teeth.

Normally I do tree pose without arms when brushing my teeth. I did yoga long before I started flamenco, and tree pose has always been a favorite of mine.

But sometimes I’ll substitute a flamenco exercise, a marcaje or something for the hips.

During the challenge I’ve been doing an exercise from Mercedes when it's time to brush my teeth.

In the morning, at night, and during any brushings in-between.

That's more than four minutes of exercise time right there.


And that's just one (perhaps not-so) sneaky place,

I know you can think of many more

Where can you find (or where have you found) a spare moment to sneak an exercise in? Let me know in the comments below.

I'll be back tomorrow with more. (Only two days left!)

See you then.


P.S. The picture above is of my nieces preparing for our show. It will be happening at my sister's house on December 31, the final day of the challenge.