I did something in anticipation of the challenge upon arriving in San Diego,

I told my family about it

You could say it was for accountability, and that may have been part of it, but mainly I was feeling excited. So excited that I had to share.

Often I'll not share these kinds of things with my family or my non-flamenco friends because really, why would they care? 

That's what I'll often think.

But I've noticed something,

They do care.

Because they care about me.

I've noticed that when I'm excited about something they tend to get excited as well. And I've noticed that their excitement about my excitement makes my excitement grow.

Excitement and enthusiasm.

So tonight we went to see students from my niece's new flamenco school perform.

Margot, my niece, wasn't performing. That was her choice.

As of now she shows no interest in performing, other than in the family shows we put on. She may want to be in a school recital later, after all, she's had less than three months in class. Or she may not. Either way will be okay. Performing can be fun, motivating, and a good challenge, but is not necessary. Doing flamenco just for the doing of it is what it's really about anyway.

But back to the subject,

At the show my parents asked me how the challenge was going. My father in particular wanted to know if I'd been keeping up and how. He wanted to know if Margot was still doing it with me.

"We haven't done any of our exercises yet today," I confessed.

But what do you think I did when I got home?


I did a couple of exercises.

Excitement and accountability

So if you're struggling to keep up with things, tell someone! Someone you love, someone you trust, or just anyone at all. You can tell me if you'd like.

You might be surprised at how doing so can help get you going.

Stay tuned tomorrow when I share with you a way I've found to squeeze in an exercise or two when running short on time.

And by the way,

It was another take your teacher on the road with you day.

My sister, brother-in-law, three nieces, and I went to Coronado Island to ride a surrey (multiple person bike cart) this morning. Six of us on board, four of us pedaling.

I listened to Mercedes as I pedaled along. Not only did I hear the reminders, but I also felt strength in my quads from all of our plié work assisting me. 

You can see pictures from our ride here along with other pictures from the challenge. 

I'd love to see your pictures from the challenge

Put them on Instagram with the hashtag #danceasifyouwereinclasswithmercedesholidaychallenge for us all to enjoy!

Now, tell me how it's going

Or you can even just tell me you'd like to do the challenge. Have you made any discoveries? What things do you hear Mercedes or the teacher of your choice saying to you? You can leave a comment here.