I enjoyed spending the last week of the year with you during the Dance as if You Were in Class With Mercedes Holiday Challenge. Today I share with you one small way you can keep the challenge going ...

Great artists tell me

that they spend enormous amounts of time watching those they admire.

Studying their every move and learning by observation.

So, I invite you to enjoy some time observing one of your favorite artists this week.

And since we've been focusing on Mercedes:

I could watch this clip over and over again.

Besides just that it makes me smile and say olé, it teaches me about the impact of precision and connection and of truly being in the moment and dancing.

Watching is one way to keep the challenge going

I can watch Mercedes (or any artist I admire) and notice and continue to learn.

In the video above I notice the things she says in class, and I see what it looks like to do them. I search for moves that stem from the exercises we do and any possible bits of choreography we may have worked on.

Stay tuned for my insights from the whole challenge experience including lessons learned (beyond what I had anticipated) along with how I intend to keep it going for myself and some more ideas for you as well.

Happy New Year.

Felíz año nuevo, and gracias por estar aquí.

Thank you for being here.

And now, your insights por favor:

I'd love to know who you watched and, more importantly, what you learned. So please tell me what insights you gained, either from a video of your choosing or from the one above. Let me know in the comments below.