You absolutely positively have to listen to this (the first song in the video below). I'm serious.

It's one of those, and I'm pretty much positive that it will make your life better the moment you press play. You could even just listen to the first twenty seconds though that will likely be impossible because I imagine once you get started you probably will want to hear the whole song.

It's Enrique Morente and his daughter Estrella singing a colombianas.

First the letra:


Una rosa en un rosal
gasta mucha fantasía
viene el viento y la deshoja
ya está la rosa perdida

A rose in a rosebush
is full of fantasy
The wind comes and pulls its petals off
and the rose is lost

And now that video:

You can hear another version of him singing it here.

Stay tuned next week for a rumba and a report about how I learned it from my nieces.

P.S. This month of January will be a month featuring cantes de ida y vuelta.


The Flamenco Tour to Jerez happens soon. Care to join me?

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