The second letra in this month's Ida y Vuelta series. A guajiras.

Antonio Murciano

Aquella noche, caía
la lluvia muy lentamente,
cantaba triste la fuente
su dulce monotonía. 
Un almendro florecía
al aire frío de enero,
y en la quietud del sendero,
sobre la arena amarilla
me ofreciste la mejilla
para mis besos primeros.

That night, it fell
the rain, very slowly
sadly the fountain sang
its sweet monotony.
An almond tree blossomed
to the cold air of January
and in the stillness of the path,
over the yellow sand
you offered me your cheek
for my first kisses.

Watch Rocío Márquez singing it below:

It is Thursday. And I am just now giving you last Friday's letra. Last Friday's letra that was supposed to be a rumba.

There was a lot of procrastination. And clutter in my mind. And there was quite a bit of translation challenge. I have so many guajiras waiting on the sidelines. Guajiras I do not fully understand sitting as drafts longing to be published. Someday you will see some of them.


This one made perfect sense for today, because it speaks of January. And January is happening as we speak. And it is raining. Here at least.

You can expect to see that rumba this Friday.

Oscar is Coming!

He'll be here next week, Oscar Nieto, for workshops in baile and cante. Get the details here.

EDIT: I originally posted this letra as a popular verse, but thanks to a reader, Juan, I learned that it was written by Antonio Murciano.