Here’s an alegrías juguetillo and a video you’ll LOVE of Tatiana Ruíz dancing to it last fall on the Flamenco Tour to Jerez:


Que a la botica, niña
no vayas sola
que el boticario, madre,
gasta pistola

Don’t go alone
to the pharmacy my girl
you need to be careful
around the pharmacist

You can hear this at 35 seconds in the video below:

NOTE: Starting around 6 minutes 20 seconds you can see her telling some spectators what’s what.(flamenco-style, which means no words were used but her actions said it ALL.) They were a group of foreign men acting insanely rude, laughing at her, talking while the performance was going on, etc. This flamenca didn’t need anybody to come to her rescue as you can see in the video. You can also hear everybody else in the crowd cheering for her. ¡¡¡Olé Tatiana!!!

You can hear this one about 6:15 and the first letra from this post at about 6:45

Translation Notes: Thank you to Mercedes who helped me understand the meaning of ‘gasta pistola.’

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