I first heard today’s letra sung by Camarón, this version. I would go back on the recording and listen to this particular letra over and over and over again. Those words! And the way he sang the last two lines especially always got me, and still gets me. (Below you can see a video of him singing it live and another of Pepe de Lucia singing for Pepita Ibarz.)


Sé que te llamas María
y por apellido Rosa
vale más tu dulce nombre
que el Pilar de Zaragoza

I know that you are called María
with the last name Rosa
your sweet name is worth more
than the
Pillar of Zaragoza

You can see Tatiana Ruíz dance to it here.

You can hear Manuel Vallejo sing it here at 30 seconds accompanied by Ramón Montoya, and you can hear Camarón sing it here

You can hear Pepe de Lucía sing this at the beginning of the video below (with Pepita Ibarz dancing and Paco de Lucía on guitar):

Here is Camarón singing it below accompanied by Tomatito at about 6:45: